Wednesday, 27 January 2016

2 Episodes of Impress Me

My entirely random (but totally accurate and trustworthy detector of impressiveness) game show podcast, Impress Me, recently sang out a couple of new episodes. Lexie, Zoe, Jordan, Tim. These are just some of the names of the contestants on these podcasts. That last sentence was not true; they are in fact all of the names of the contestants on these podcasts. I immediately felt bad for lying to you, I'm sorry. But I'm just trying to convince you to listen to these podcasts. Yes, even when you are here, on my website, looking at my stuff, I am nervously asking if this is something you want to listen to. Perhaps that's why I'm insecure. I mean, imagine if I came to your iHome and touched all your stuff while you weren't there. Or while you were there, same difference. 

So anyway... umm... here's the podcasts, sir/madam:

You can see everything about the show at its dedicated page over here.