Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Review of

Ever wished there was a neat, organised and fun way to keep track of all the TV and films you watch? Enter Trakt.

Trakt is a website which compiles every single film and TV show (using solid databases such as TVDB). The free service allows you to perform a multitude of actions with this library of content. You can add things to your "watchlist", you can rate things, you can post comments or reviews. Everything you'd ever want is here on Trakt. And all of this is displayed with beautiful, large screens from each show or movie. Overall, the whole website has a brilliant, luxurious layout.

The service makes keeping track of what you've seen and what you want to see simple as a plate. Especially in regards to TV shows, which can get complicated with their seasons and special one-off episodes etc. With Trakt, you can see exactly what you've seen and where you're up to - even when the next episode is coming out.

There is an optional paid "VIP" service ($15/y), which is nice but definitely not necessary. You can enjoy just about everything on Trakt without paying a cent.

In conclusion: Trakt is a magnificent website which I highly recommend to lovers of TV or film. You can join for free right now at

Yes, I'm very positive about it. No, this little review was not endorsed by anyone. No, I'm not signing autographs right now. Yes, I am answering real questions. No, there aren't any more questions to answer.

Yours fictitiously,