Monday, 17 September 2012

Google Music Desktop Player Review

EDIT 21/03/2014: The following article is now very out of date. If you're a Google Music user on Windows 8, you should definitely check out outcoldplayer in the Windows App Store. It's an excellent and often updated player with great aesthetics.

If you're a user of Google Music and Windows 7, you'll want to check out this Google Music Desktop Player that Victor Alberto Gil has designed.

I've messed around (played music) with it for a few days now, and here's some quick pros and cons I've come across:

  • Keyboard Controls
    If you have play/pause media control buttons on your keyboard, they'll now work with Google Music.
  • Notifications
    When a new song begins to play a little notification appears.
  • Standalone
    Keep the music away from your browser. Your web browser is probably already full of dozens of tabs performing all kinds of everyday operations, what with email and social networking, so getting Google Music out into its own space is a good thing.
  • Last.FM Scrobbling
    Use Last.FM? No problem, it's built in.
  • Fast And Smooth
    The program launches quicky and plays songs fast, especially considering it's streaming.
  • Labs Features Work
    Want HTML5 or Star Ratings on your music? Turn them on in Google Music Labs and they'll work seamlessly with the player.
  • No Search Box
    As far as I can see, there's no way to search through your music. It's a big thing, so hopefully it'll be added.
  • Last.FM Scrobbling Errors
    I have encountered a few little issues with the Last.FM Scrobbling. Mainly, it doesn't work great with playlists. It doesn't seem to recognise the change in artist throughout a playlist.
  • General Bugs
    It's to be expected with a little user-created program like this, but there are some general little bugs in regards to navigation and the interface. These have never affected me too much though, and hopefully improvements will be made in the future!

Click here to go to the download page for the Google Music Desktop Player.

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